Speed School

Speed School

Wednesday, December 8 @ 6pm in-person
UVAC Speed School Introduction
Does your young athlete want to become faster, stronger and gain confidence? Join UVAC Speed School Coach, Christine Dorman as she teaches athletes to be the fastest they can be.  *Sign up for a performance evaluation (to be done at a later date), to assess your child’s current level and placement for our Speed School Program at this lecture. FREE and OPEN to the Public. Brought to you by BE Fit Physical Therapy and the UVAC Personal Training staff. Come dressed to exercise. Please RSVP to confirm availability with BE Fit Physical Therapy 802-359-7400 or Info@BEFit-PT.com


UVAC Speed School will help participants learn to hone acceleration skills, ability to quickly move in multiple directions, and increase strength with Christine Dorman’s coaching. Ages 7-15+

BLOG Personal Trainer Profile: Christine Dorman

● Injury Prevention (You cannot play if you are injured)
● Incorporating strength, resistance and plyometric training greatly reduces the risk of injury
● Strength and Power
● Increase your strength and you increase your performance
● Increased strength results in an increased rate of force production which results in increased
acceleration, speed and ability to change direction.
● Correcting weakness
● Learning proper posture, knee drive, arm movement, landing mechanics and establishing fundamental movement patterns can help a good player become a great player
● Instilling confidence
● A confident player is a better player. When an athlete feels strong in their movement they
will be confident in their play
● Mental focus
● If an athlete is physically prepared for play they can focus on the mental and visual strategies of the game