Kathleen Danforth

Fitness Instruction

Kathleen Danforth // Aquatic Instructor

Certifications & Education
Certified Personal Trainer - NASM
NASM Certified Senior Fitness Specialist
Certified Senior Fitness Instructor - Expert Rating
Certified Functional Fitness, Barre, WaterInMotion, and PIYO Instructor
Wellness Coach
Aquatic Instructor
Certified Matter of Balance Coach
ACE Group Fitness Instructor
Working toward AEA Professional Aquatic Instructor
Licensed Cosmetologist
CPR/AED Certified
Owner of Kathleen Danforth Home Care, LLC
Experience • 2 year • Level 1 Trainer

More about Kathleen

Kathleen is owner of Kathleen Danforth Homecare and has created her deep roots within the Upper Valley with her unique focus on Healthy Aging and Recovery. As a reliable asset to the growing elderly population, Kathleen works hand in hand with local physical therapists and utilizes her certifications as the foundation of her success.
  • Specializes in Senior Fitness
  • Designs Restorative Aquatics Personal Training for elderly clients to help them keep their independence
    by building and maintaining strength and balance
  • Resident of the Upper Valley for 25 years
  • Loves camping, kayaking, hiking and paddle boarding
  • Owner of Kathleen Danforth Homecare, LLC
  • Mother of two, Grandmother of three
  • Favorite Motivational Quote: “We do not stop
    playing because we grow old, we grow old
    because we stop playing.” – Benjamin Franklin