Joshua Grant

Personal Training

Joshua Grant // Personal Trainer

Certifications & Education
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

More about Josh

  • Favorite Exercise- Push Up, aka Old reliable
  • I like working with people who are eager and ready to learn. This can be any age range or type of person.
  • I enjoy cooking, reading, gaming and learning
  • My personal mission is to educate and empower a populace that is overwhelmed with falsehoods and personal struggle
  • Interested in Behavioral Change, Sports Conditioning, and Nutrition
  • My training schedule is pretty open and flexible. Limited to a few hours a week until I get used to it, then it’ll open to more time.
Favorite Quote: “Your life is yours. Rise up and live it.” Main Character from Confessor, written by Terry Goodkind
I’ve always been active in fitness, though its only been my career path in the last couple of years. Before the present, I’ve worked and studied in almost everything, including mortgage insurance, surveying and online freelancing.
Marital arts is my favorite sport and I’m always enthusiastic to talk about it. It is a major part of my training philosophy and has influenced me ever since I started it at 10 years old.
Beyond the gym, I enjoy cooking and trying new food. I also like reading and learning new things. Gaming is my major hobby and I love the oxymoronic nature that it offers with being a trainer.