Erin K. Buck

Personal Training

Erin K. Buck // Fitness & Personal Training Director, PALS for Life Founder, Personal Trainer, Fitness and Cycling Instructor

Certifications & Education
B.S. Finance, Franklin Pierce University
M.Ed. Elementary Education, Plymouth State
Certified Personal Trainer – NASM
Specializations: Youth, Prenatal, Senior Fitness
Weight Management Specialist, Cardio Specialist, Behavior Change Specialist
Certified TRX Instructor
Certified Keiser Group Cycling Instructor
Founder of PALS for Life, Lead Trainer
ACSM Cancer Specialist
WaterinMotion Instructor
Experience • 14 years

More about Erin:

Fitness Philosophy: My philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning as I work towards enhancing the well-being of my clients by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier life.

  • Favorite Exercises: Single Leg RDL, Plank, Pull Ups and Lateral Band Walks
  • Favorite Equipment: Swiss Ball, TRX,  Slam Balls
  • Teaches group exercise and small group training
  • Lead Founder &  Trainer PALS for Life, Bridge and Living Beyond Cancer programs; providing expertise training to breast cancer patients.
  • Favorite motivational quote: “Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental states.” Carol Welch

Erin is proud to hold a nationally accredited personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). NASM uses proprietary, evidence-based Optimum Performance Training (OPT) methods and precision assessment tools to deliver measurable results. NASM techniques are equally effective for the professional athlete or casual fitness enthusiast. Erin can help you achieve optimal results by tailoring your training methods to achieve your personal fitness goals. I view my relationship with clients as a partnership in their health. I want clients to feel inspired by their training and motivated to make change in their lives. Growing up I spent my winter weekends skiing down our backyard mountain (Mt. Ascutney), joining all the sport teams I possibly could in school, jumping at any opportunity that my small hometown had to offer. Always up for trying new activities once, and then again twice because I love it, my determination and curiosity has me never turning down a challenge, or an opportunity for new experiences. Time and time again, I’m reminded of the positive effects exercise has on my own physical and psychological well-being, and my appreciation for what our bodies and minds can achieve is ever increasing.

Favorite Activities

I am a proud mom of two beautiful daughters, Acadia and Azalea .  Together we enjoy running 5k races and doing crafts of any kind. When given the opportunity I very much enjoy traveling and meeting new people. I devote most of my time to family and professional responsibilities. I love what I do and I hope that it shows in my work. I really believe in community service as a way of making positive contributions. I am in my fourth year as a Girl Scout Leader for local children K-5th grade and help with the local Girls on the Run Team!

Hobbies: Enjoys obstacle course racing, endurance cycling events, hiking, running, snow shoeing and cross country skiing!

“I have lost nearly 40 pounds and am so much stronger and toned. I have enjoyed the motivation, support and knowledge and friendship of training with Erin. I have lost weight and gained strength confidence. People compliment me on how good I look.  How much weight I’ve lost. I get a LOT of compliments! When one feels better and stronger, relationships do change. How you feel about yourself affects relationships. I am leaner and stronger, toned and have defined muscles. I am so much less bumpy and have fewer rolls.

My biggest obstacle was making the food changes and committing to working out regularly. Realizing that I was bigger than I thought. Really looking at myself and how unsatisfied I was. Erin was a huge help in that. She laid it out for me kindly and truthfully. If I wasn’t willing to make any changes in eating and food choices, she said she could work me out but I may never reach the goal I wanted. She was supportive in which choices I made while also being honest if it wasn’t enough.  Finally, I gave in and wanted to change enough for myself that I was able to commit.

I am more confident.  It helps to have regular fitness in feeling less stressed. So much stronger and can do a lot more physically. Helps me with emotional well-being. I notice when Ive missed a few days emotionally and physically. I have never been one who loves to exercise and I see now how it really helps.  So even if I don’t always love it, I see how much I do need it. I am most proud that I hit my goal and have been maintaining it. I’m proud that I do it for me.❤️

I am also proud of Erin for sticking in there with me thru a very challenging time in my life and being a good support emotionally and physically.” –Shelby Morse

“I started seriously personal training back in June of 2020. I say seriously because I had done some training in the past and I didn’t see the results I wanted, so I quit. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try personal training again but in March I got to a point where I was so unhappy with myself. None of my clothing was fitting the way I wanted them to and I just felt so poorly about myself. I started training with Erin Buck and I’ll never look back. The level of support I receive from Erin is one of the main reasons I am able to keep going. Having someone to show me what I should be doing to achieve the goals I have is something I didn’t realize I needed until I started working with her. She set out monthly goals for me and showed me the things I would need to do to get there. I’ve never had this level of support in my fitness journey and it makes all the difference. I am still not at my end goal, but with each week and each workout I feel myself getting closer to where I want to be. Now when I look in the mirror I see a stronger and happier version of myself. For me, my new “healthier lifestyle” is something I have to take on day at a time, but without Erin I would still be at square one telling myself that I’d start tomorrow. When people ask me if I think personal training is worth it I tell them that I wouldn’t be where I am today without Erin and I own so much to her. Being healthy and working out is hard, but with the right trainer and encouragement it’s possible for everyone. Thank you Erin for always believing in me and showing me that I can do this! I wouldn’t be able to do this without you.” –Summer Rogers