Daniel Bartlett

Fitness Instruction

Daniel Bartlett // Group Cycling Instructor

Certifications & Education
Keiser Indoor Cycling Certified

More about Daniel

I love outdoor sports. I ran track, biked, and cross-country skied during junior and senior high. During college I rowed 8-man shell my freshman year. During grad school I would run 50-60 miles a week. Great escapes all! When I hit 40,  I gave up running and took on bike riding as my main cardiac exercise due to concerns about joint problems. I have 80,000+ miles on a road bike all together. The last few years I have found indoor cycling at UVAC a great way to stay at it year around. And now I get to spread my passion by coaching indoor cycling classes. Doesn’t get much better!




My most amazing birthday present: 1990 My Guerciotti racing bike.

My longest ride: Lebanon, NH to Rumford, ME over the White Mountains: 150 miles.

My most miles in one year:4000. My favorite cycling hero:  Chris Froome.

My funniest moment cycling: “racing” for 60 miles trying to keep up with a friend who was doing the same against me!

My scariest moment cycling: being run off the road by a Dump Truck.

My most meaningful ride: Prouty 2017: 4 Yellow Ribbons for 3 siblings and a niece.

My dream ride would be….  a Tour de France course (on a BMW 1200 if necessary!)