Carrie Borowy

Personal Training

Carrie Borowy // Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor

Certifications & Education
BS, Biology, University of British Columbia
NASM Behavior Change Specialist (to be completed end of January)
  • Favorite Exercises: Handstands, Box Jumps, Hanging Knee-Tucks, Weighted Bridges
  • Favorite Exercise Equipment: Resistance Bands, Dumbbells
  • Enjoys working with individuals who are looking to feel stronger and more confident.
  • Places an emphasis on creating a balanced lifestyle that can be maintained long-term.
  • Focuses on functionality of exercises to aid in an individual’s independent life.
  • Her goal is to help individuals achieve wellness, whatever that means for them.
  • Carrie loves exploring hiking local trails and stand-up paddleboarding when the weather is right. She is also a foodie, and is constantly experimenting with new recipes to enjoy with friends.

Favorite Quote: “If you think lifting is dangerous, try being weak. …”— Bret Contreras

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