Carrie Borowy

Personal Training

Carrie Borowy // Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor

Certifications & Education
BS, Biology, University of British Columbia
NASM Behavior Change Specialist (to be completed end of January)
  • Favorite Exercises: Handstands, Box Jumps, Hanging Knee-Tucks, Weighted Bridges
  • Favorite Exercise Equipment: Resistance Bands, Dumbbells
  • Enjoys working with individuals who are looking to feel stronger and more confident.
  • Places an emphasis on creating a balanced lifestyle that can be maintained long-term.
  • Focuses on functionality of exercises to aid in an individual’s independent life.
  • Her goal is to help individuals achieve wellness, whatever that means for them.
  • Carrie loves exploring hiking local trails and stand-up paddleboarding when the weather is right. She is also a foodie, and is constantly experimenting with new recipes to enjoy with friends.

Favorite Quote: “If you think lifting is dangerous, try being weak. …”— Bret Contreras

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“I’ve been training with Carrie since March. She never fails to challenge and encourage me to progress toward my fitness goals. Even on the days when my impatience and unrealistic expectations start to get the better of me, she helps me refocus and keep moving forward.” – David Saturley