Lesson Descriptions

Lesson Descriptions

6 months – 36 months

Parent and child work with the instructor
through songs and games in a fun, family
environment to learn:
• back floats
• submersions (not forced)
• rollovers
• intro to breathing and more!

3 – 5 years


Comfort in the water, mouth and nose bubbles, assisted glides and assisted back floats, kick development and wall bobs

  • Advancement: 10 Relaxed Wall Bobs
  • Advancement: Independent face in glide to coach
  • Advancement: Sustained Back Float (5 seconds)


A Dolphin child must be ready to move through the water with their face in.

In the Dolphin curriculum we work on the following:
Front and back floats and glides, independent rollovers, kicking technique,
jumping bobs and jump bob to swim, junior stroke with pop-up breathing and other safety strategies!

  • Advancement: with endurance promoted to Level 2 or Level 3 with director’s approval



Adult Beginner Swim

Class takes place in our Warm Water Pool until the class is comfortable enough to work in the Competition Pool. If you are fearful of getting into a deep pool or cannot swim 50 yards freestyle, this is the place for you. In this group lesson you will learn:

  • Basic swimming techniques with face
    submersion and breath control
  • Front and back floats and glides
  • Proper and efficient kicking techniques
  • Front crawl (freestyle) stroke

Adult Advanced Beginner Swim

Class takes place in the Competition Pool. Students continue to work on improving endurance and technique with an emphasis on body balance. In this group you will learn:

  • Comfort and control on the back while
    learning body rotation
  • Backstroke, crawl stroke, breast stroke,
    butterfly, diving and flip turns
  • Skills to swim with confidence for fitness
    and fun, either on your own with UVAC’s Master’s program

Adult Intermediate Swim

This class is for individuals who already feel comfortable in the Competition Pool, have some basic swimming skills and want to swim with confidence for fitness, fun, and/or with UVAC’s Master’s program. In this group lesson you will:

  • Refine swim technique
  • Improve breath control
  • Learn enough to join the Masters Swim Program or do a triathlon
  • Learn how to use a pace clock
  • Build community in the water



Our UVAC Swim School provides children the opportunity to learn how to swim safely and efficiently while having fun. Through a six level progression children will learn:

Level 1 – Comfort in the Water

Level 1 is for beginner swimmers. In this level we teach students how to develop a comfortable air exchange through nose bubbles while also learning body positions that will make swimming easier and more efficient. Level 1 swimmers focus on:

  • Enter and exit water independently
  • Face in the water 3 seconds
  • Nose bubbles
  • Familiarize with “getting help”
  • Assisted front/back float
  • Assisted front/back glide
  • Assisted roll-over
  • Assisted jump in from side
  • Advancement: 10 relaxed independent wall bobs

Level 2 – Independent Development

Prerequisite: 10 relaxed independent wall bobs

Level 2 includes floats, glides and the beginning of a proper kick. Level 2 swimmers focus on:

  • Independent front/back float and recover
  • Independent front/back glide and recover
  • Independent rollover to back float
  • Jumping bobs
  • Streamline glide to flutter kick
  • Independent jump in from side
  • Advancement: independent front and back float
  • Advancement: independent rollover
  • Advancement: independent front and back glide

Level 3 – Kicking

Prerequisites: Independent front and back floats, independent rollover to back float, independent front and back glides.

Level 3 swimmers work on developing the streamline body position while learning to flutter kick on the front and back along with body movement around the transverse plane for dolphin kick. Level 3 swimmers focus on:

  • Front glide to flutter kick and recover
  • Back glide to flutter kick and recover
  • Seesaw body movement (transverse plane)
  • Intro to dolphin kick
  • Finning and sculling – sitting on a kick-board
  • Retrieve object in chest deep water
  • Advancement: front glide to kick in streamline 15′
  • Advancement: back glide to kick in streamline 15′

Level 4 – Components of Front Crawl

Prerequisites: Front glide streamline kicking 15′ and back glide streamline kicking 15′

Level 4 we teach the essential parts of the crawl stroke: how to hold the head for side breathing, how the hand enters the water, how the arm recovers with a high elbow. We begin the process of putting these components together in preparation for swimming in the competition pool for extended distances. Level 4 swimmers focus on:

  • Hand lead side kicking with roll-in-breathing
  • Crawl arm stroke and intro to rotary breathing
  • Backwards bobs
  • Forward and backward somersaults
  • Intro to stride jumps
  • Advancement: tread water 20 seconds
  • Advancement: dolphin kick 25′
  • Advancement: hand lead crawl stroke with rotary breathing 25′

Level 5/6 – Crawl Stroke +

Prerequisites: Hand lead crawl stroke with rotary breathing 25′

Level 5/6 is taught in the competition pool* and designed to improve swimmers in freestyle, back stroke and when ready adding breast stroke and butterfly. Swimmers will work on perfecting technique, endurance and if desired readiness for swim team. (*for the 2020/21 season some time slots will be taught using lanes in the warm water pool and then rotating through the comp pool for diving drills)

Level 5 swimmers focus on:

  • Crawl arm stroke with rotary breathing
  • Tread water 60 seconds
  • Retrieve object in water over head
  • Intro to diving: sitting/kneeling dives
  • Intro to breaststroke
  • Intro to backstroke
  • Advancement: crawl stroke with rotary breathing 25 yards
  • Advancement: stride jump
  • Advancement: tread water 60 seconds

Level 6 swimmers continue with focus on:

  • Extended freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Jump in to tread water two minutes
  • Independent Diving- sitting/kneeling/standing
  • Pike/tuck surface dives
  • Advancement: freestyle 50 yards
  • Advancement: backstroke 50 yards
  • Advancement: tread water 120 seconds