Healthy and Fit Lecture Series

Healthy and Fit Lecture Series

2020-2021 FREE Lecture Series

FREE and OPEN to the Public. Brought to you by BE Fit Physical Therapy and the UVAC Personal Training staff. Second Wednesday of the Month @ 6pm in the Mind Body Studio. Come dressed to exercise. Please RSVP to confirm availability with BE Fit Physical Therapy 802-359-7400 or

Wednesday, January @ 6pm in-person
Dry Land Work for Swimming
Come learn basic exercises to build strength and mobility out of the pool for maximizing swimming performance, while reducing your risk of overuse injuries, with BE Fit physical therapists.

Wednesday, February 9 @ 6pm in-person
How to Build a Strength Program
Learn how to build your first workout program: establishing a goal, selecting a workout split, choosing your exercises, and choosing your sets and reps.You will learn about progression and how to put it all together from UVAC personal trainer, Garrett Wilson.

Wednesday, March 9 @ 6pm in-person
Running Injury Free: How to Beat the Odds
Learn about common training pitfalls, current thinking about running form and alignment, and exercises you can do to reduce the likelihood of running injuries, with BE Fit physical therapists.

Wednesday, April 13 @ 6pm in-person
Strength Training for Golf
What does a Golfer need to do to gain strength? Let’s talk about how to create and translate power! Golfers need to train glute strength, hip stability, and anterior core strength. Learn all sorts of exercises to support you this season with UVAC personal trainer, Sean Fitzgerald.

Wednesday, May 11 @ 6pm in-person
Cycling Exercises and Injury Prevention
Practice exercises to reduce the risk of common cycling injuries and combat imbalances that come with frequent cycling, as well as touching on the basics of bike fit to keep you comfortably in the saddle, with a BE Fit physical therapist.

Wednesday, June 8 @ 6pm in-person
Importance of Core Strength
Your core stabilizes your body allowing you to move in any direction as well as helping with proper balance. Having a strong core is beneficial to everyone because it allows your body to function properly. Learn how to improve your balance and stability with UVAC personal trainers, Josh Grant and Erin Buck.

Wednesday, July 13 @ 6pm in-person
Posture, Ergonomics, and Workstations
Want to know a few key exercises to help your standing and sitting posture? Need some tips on setting up that home office to be more ergonomic? Come learn to improve strength and flexibility in order to decrease pain and increase comfort with your daily routines, with a BE Fit physical therapist.

Wednesday, August 10 @ 6pm in-person
Expert Tips for Home Workouts
We will discuss the keys to setting up a successful home workout environment, ways to integrate outside spaces and how to keep your workout plan going. Learn from two of UVAC personal trainers, Carrie Borowy and Larry Ruffing.

Wednesday, September 14 @ 6pm in-person
Common Ankle Injuries and How to Prevent Them
Come learn about ankle sprains, achilles tendonitis, and other common foot and ankle ailments, including exercises for prevention and treatment, with BE Fit physical therapists.