Sandy Graveson Has Success Training with Carrie Borowy

Sandy Graveson Has Success Training with Carrie Borowy


“Sandy came to me in the fall of 2021 after recently retiring from her engineering job. She met with me expressing her love for hiking and her desire to strengthen her leg muscles to lessen the stress on her knee joints. Sandy has made leaps and bounds over the past few months, not only feeling stronger, but gaining endurance and finishing first in the January MyZone Challenge. She gave top MEPPERS a run for their money.

Originally she just wanted to get into the habit of strength training with eyes to keep her form correct. She initially told me we would probably only meet for a series of 8 weeks or so. That soon turned into more and I look forward to our twice weekly sessions. Sandy has managed to gain back strength and mobility in her shoulder, discover a “love” squats and a noticeable improvement in overall balance and stability.

Starting with the basic squats, rows, chest presses, she’s conquered these exercises; so I’ve progressed them to keep her moving forward. She always enjoys a good challenge and has the right mindset when it comes to training. Sandy’s just competing against herself here at the gym. My favorite thing about working with Sandy is when I introduce new exercises that are balance focused, she gets a special kind of smile when I introduce a progression she may be unsure of at first, then stands up to meet the challenge. I’m excited to continue working with Sandy for the attitude she brings to her workouts, as well as her kind sense of humor.”

–Carrie Borowy

“I retired  last summer, which allowed me the time to rekindle my love of the outdoors and hiking. Unfortunately, by the end of the summer, my old knees were not keeping up with the renewed sense of adventure, leading to painful descents and a lot of huffing and puffing on the ascents.

With this in mind, I joined UVAC in the fall and started personal training in the hope of building more strength in my legs and overall endurance. Having  never done any training before,  I’ve had a lot to learn. Thanks to the knowledge and patience of my trainer, Carrie, the training has exceeded my expectations…and I keep coming back for more . Most recently, I took a hike I hadn’t been on in a few months and was happy to see I was faster, did not need to stop to catch my breath and had no aching legs at the end.

When I started PT, I wanted to get stronger but stated that I didn’t expect to ever ‘trust my bad knee’ not to buckle on me at an inopportune time. Happy to say, I was very wrong about that and it feels great to have two equally strong knees.

Although, I was initially focused on building strength in my legs, the training has also focused on building core strength, upper body strength and balance as well. All of which are making a difference in my day-to-day life, more than I knew. Changes have crept up on me over time, where one day I notice lugging wood in for the wood stove is so much easier, or reaching an item off the top shelf…my shoulders have much more range of motion. So many small things adding up to making life easier. Most unexpected has been how much I’m enjoying  working out, and look forward to my training sessions. It’s a very empowering feeling to be working with weights at my age. I’m on a path of improved fitness and fun adventures that will continue for my lifetime and I expect I’ll always have a little voice in my head telling me to “keep my shoulders relaxed,” – “keep your hips up,”- “just 2 more.””

–Sandy Graveson