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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00am Mobility Mondays Golf Thursdays Fitzy Fridays
12:00pm Total Body
4:30pm Rock Solid Rock Solid 

(Classes are 30 minutes in length)

FITZY FRIDAY: Let’s talk about the buzz going on in the fitness industry. What are some myths and truths about what you really are doing. Are you helping your goals or are you actually hurting yourself? Submit questions and we will go over any topics that you all have.

GOLF THURSDAYS: There is not one way to swing a golf club; there are an infinite number of ways to swing. There is one efficient way for everyone to swing a club and it is based on what they can physically do. If a player is limited by what their body can do they have two options: build a swing that works around their limitations or work with a fitness or medical professional to improve their limitations. We will discuss what types of injuries there are in golf, how they occur, and how they  might affect a player. Then we will take a look at ways to recover from them and ways to avoid them.

MOBILITY MONDAYSWe will focus on mobility, incorporating both dynamic and static stretches to enhance flexibility and range of motion. Let us help alleviate aches and pains, decrease muscle tension, reduce risk of injury, boost blood circulation and recover faster in between workouts. This is the perfect class for anyone looking to improve the way their body moves!

ROCK SOLID: This class incorporates short bursts of intense cardio and strength training to boost your metabolism, increase your anaerobic threshold and build overall strength! Come prepared to have fun, but work hard in this challenging class! (Intermediate)

SPORTS BREAKDOWN: An alternating class structure. One week will involve analyzing a particular sport, focusing on the core movements that are used and what muscles are essential. The second week will be going through a sample of different exercises that would be used in an exercise program for that sport, along with other aspects of training, such as cycles and type of conditioning.

TOTAL BODY: This class is a total body workout in about 20 minutes with a body weight focus. It will feature use of household equipment that the majority of households will have (ie, a backpack filled with books, soup cans, detergent bottles, tote bags).

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