COVID-19 Protocols: click here for details

We are accepting Members Only due to the phase one restrictions. Want to be a Member? Go here

This is what it will be like when you first arrive!

We are here to support you.   Our goal is to ensure you feel safe and secure while we navigate the complexities of our “new normal.” These are the specifics for our First Phase Opening per Governor Scott’s requirements.

Reservations are required go here to RESERVE A SPOT at UVAC in a class, the gym or pool!

As advised by the Vermont Department of Health, UVAC will be employing a building-wide mask requirement even during exercise starting Monday, October 26. Weight lifting and performing cardio in the fitness center and group exercise classes will require all exercisers to wear masks or face shields at all times. Water Aerobics will now need to wear a waterproof mask that can be purchased at the Welcome Desk for $2. Questions? Email Lisa

All members and program participants over the age of 2 need to wear a mask or shield at all times.

  • This includes wearing a mask when:
    • entering UVAC
    • while you are working out
    • in all group exercise class (water, land)
    • in locker rooms
    • in the lobby and hallways
    • on the pool deck
  • When swimming laps or in the water park – CLARIFICATION: If you are participating in an activity where your head stays above the water (i.e. water jogging) you must wear a mask or shield.  Conversely, if you participate in an activity where your head goes below the water, you must maintain social distancing and you do not have to wear a mask.
  • Our staff will all be wearing masks or shields at all times.
  • Masks and shields are not required to be worn outside the facility or when socially distant outside.
  • Members participating in outdoor group exercise classes, who remain socially distant, do not need to wear a mask or shield.

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS to keep you safe at UVAC:

    • Staff will wear face masks at all times
    • Staff will be sent home if exhibiting any signs or symptoms associated with COVID-19
    • Staff must answer five CDC questions before each shift
    • Members and staff will be screened with a temperature check before entering the club. Must have a temperature of less than 100 degrees to enter the facility
    • Reservations will be taken for lap swimming, masters lanes and group fitness classes
    • Plastic shields have been placed at front desk

Things we have implemented to keep you safe while in the club during Phase 1:

        • The number of people in the club will be limited to 25% of capacity
        • More frequent cleaning and sanitizing equipment and common areas
        • Hand sanitizer stations will be clearly marked throughout the club
        • Social distancing will be expected in common areas
        • No lockers are available except for rent
        • UVAC will provide cubbies to store personal items. Plan accordingly, as the cubbies are not secure
        • Fitness equipment such as bands and mats will not be provided or stored
        • Yoga and aquatic class equipment will not be provided. You may bring your own yoga equipment
        • Aquatic equipment such as kick boards, fins, flotation belts will no longer be provided
        • Lane swimming will be limited to one swimmer per lane
        • Cardio equipment will be spaced to maintain social distance. Time limits will be implemented when others are waiting
        • Attendance will be limited in classes and participants will be socially distanced
        • Floor markers will be in place to indicate six-foot social distancing in common areas and classes
        • The club has added numerous outdoor classes
        • A twenty-minute buffer will be implemented between classes to clean and sanitize
        • UVAC will limit gym workout time of members to 90 minutes
        • There will be no guest or day pass users for the first phase of UVAC’s opening
        • Classrooms with two doors will be marked enter/exit
        • No KidZone
        • No Sauna
        • No additional members in the pool during a UVAC scheduled aquatic activity


      If you do not need to shower at UVAC, we would appreciate if you go home and shower as space and shower time is limited

        • Wear a mask in the locker room at all times except to shower
        • 5-minute shower limit
        • Physical-distance, please
        • Feel free to use both adult and children’s side of the locker room
        • 6 people maximum in each side (women/girls, men/boys) of the locker room at a time (includes 4 in changing area and 2 in each shower area)
        • No hair dryers, please