Yoga • Pilates

Yoga • Pilates

Yoga and Pilates at UVAC

The Upper Valley Aquatic Center offers many different FREE Yoga and Pilates Classes as well as paid programs like the ones you see here. The schedule of offerings will change as the seasons do. New to Pilates? Fill out this form

Why People Love Us!

With the help of Jenny Armstrong and the Pilates workout I was able to overcome shoulder injury and kayak on the ocean for 5 hours pain free. In addition, I suffer from imbalance due to a back surgery and have been able to improve my balance substantially through core and other muscle development. Jenny is wonderful to work with and minimizes any opportunity for me to injure myself through her consistent and insistent attention to proper form and muscle usage during each exercise. She is the BEST!” S. Shaw

Private Pilates personal training can be scheduled with Jenny Armstrong if these classes don’t fit your schedule. Contact Jenny or call 802-296-2850 ex 115

Pilates Essential Reformer

The essentials of Pilates with the Reformer machine. Sculpt long, lean muscles and challenge your core for a noticeable difference in your posture. Classes taught by Jenny Armstrong and Maryam Paydafar in the Mind Body Room. 

November 14- December 23 **6 WEEK OPTION

  • M/W @ 10:45-11:35am with Maryam Paydafar  Beginner Level (6 max)
  • T/Th @ 8:15 -9:10am with Jenny Armstrong  Intermediate Level (6 max)
  • T/Th @ 9:20 -10:15am with Jenny Armstrong Beginner Level (6 max)


  • November 14- December 23 **6 WEEK OPTION

8-week session $288 members/ non-members.

6-week session $216 members/ non-members.


Mix it up with this course that will show you how to infuse TRX Suspension Training into your yoga practice with a fresh evolution of movement meant to assist and challenge traditional poses. Taught by certified Yoga Instructor, and TRX Yoga Instructor, Sharon Comeau.
$120 members/ $160 non-members

Yoga Basics

Learn the practice of yoga from the ground up with this Yoga Basics class. Designed for people new to yoga or wishing to return to the foundation of the practice, this class will cover the common poses of yoga, how to get into them safely, and modify them for your body, as well as an overview of some of the history and philosophy behind the practice. No yoga experience needed, but participants are expected to be able to get up and down from the floor without assistance. Known for her clear teaching and gentle guidance, Sharon Gouveia is a seasoned instructor who enjoys teaching beginners. $90/ members/$120 non-member


6-week session $90/ members/$120 non-members

Couples Yoga

Start your Valentine’s evening off in Couples Yoga with a loved one. Couples Yoga is a practice in which two people support each other in poses in a way that enhances posture, builds trust and communication. Working with a partner provides balance in a pose while establishing and maintaining proper body alignment. Poses may include; buddy bend, lean on me, and happy hug.


$30 per couple. All partners welcome!

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All classes are for members and non-members.
Register at the Welcome Desk 802-296-2850 ex 0
Questions? Contact Erin Buck 802-296-2850 ex 112 or email


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