Well & Fit at UVAC

Well & Fit at UVAC

Well and Fit at UVAC

A doctor referred exercise option which includes a 3-month membership, Fitness Center orientation, a personal training session, a Wellness Screening and full use of the UVAC facility. Get your doctor referral and start exercising TODAY!

Join us for this program if you:

  • Have physical impairments
  • Experience chronic pain
  • Are sedentary
  • Are new to exercise
  • Experience high stress
  • Have chronic conditions like:
    diabetes, high blood pressure, high
    cholesterol, osteoporosis or arthritis
  • Experience posture or balance issues

As Easy As 1,2,3

  1. Ask your primary care provider to send a referral to UVAC at
    Fax# 802-291-9857
  2. As soon as we receive your referral, join the Well & Fit program
    at UVAC Welcome Desk and start working out
  3. Schedule a training session with your personal trainer

What to Expect During Your Personal Training

  • Health history questionnaire
  • Discussion about what you hope to get out of your membership
  • Simple flexibility and movement screening
  • Personalized strength and cardio exercises

A Happy Well & Fit Participant

When my doctor referred me to the Well & Fit program because of pre-diabetes, I was nervous and a bit mad at myself for allowing myself to become so sedentary. I had a mental block about getting into the gym. Susan so kind, calm, and non-judgmental that I immediately felt comfortable and empowered when we met. She got me moving, listened and pushed. After personal training, I felt like I was far enough to succeed at Shed and Shred, which really kept me improving. By the end, I was over 20lbs lighter, but more importantly, no longer pre-diabetic. Now my goal is to learn how to sustain this new lifestyle.

I thank you so much.


Exercise as Medicine

Exercise is GREAT Medicine because…

  • It is good for your brain
  • Improves your mood
  • Helps you age more slowly
  • Makes your skin look better
  • Helps you recover from major illnesses
  • Shrinks fat cells
    Get your referral TODAY!

Includes 3 Months of Membership for $189

  • Introductory orientation
  • Personal training session
  • Wellness Screening
  • Fully equipped fitness center
  • FREE group exercise classes for
    land and water
  • 86º warm water exercise pool
  • Childcare available (additional fee)

A GREAT Deal! Here’s the Breakdown

  • Personal Training Session $74.00
  • 3 Months of Membership $261.00
    $335 value for $189.00

What is a Wellness Screening?

Free for all members. Learn how to use our facility to help reach your fitness goals!

Test your body composition, cardiovascular fitness, upper and lower body strength, balance, flexibility, and mobility.

To sign up for the screening, please visit the Welcome Desk to fill out the Fitness Inquiry Form. A trainer will contact you to set up your appointment.

BLOG Free Fitness Assessment for UVAC Members


CLICK HERE for full class schedule


802-296-2850 ex 112

Send referral to Fax #802-291-9857