Sit to Fit

Sit to Fit

Get back into exercise safely

This program is designed for beginners to gradually improve their physical abilities, to learn to exercise independently, and gain confidence in taking fitness classes. You will learn proper form, improve your endurance, coordination, strength, and balance! This structured, modifiable, group training program will enable you to feel progress and understand the training that is best for you.


  • July 11-September 2, 2022
  • September 12- November 4, 2022
  • November 14- December 23, 2022 **6 WEEK OPTION
  • January 2-February 24, 2023
  • March 6- April 28, 2023

8-week sessions*
$320 if you have a MyZone Strap/ *$380 members with Myzone Strap
$420 if you have a MyZone Strap/*$480 non-members with Myzone Strap (includes membership)

6-week sessions*
$240 if you have a MyZone Strap/*$300 members with Myzone Strap
$315 if you have a MyZone Strap *$375 non-members with Myzone Strap (includes membership)

*MyZone Strap is required and is included, $60 discount if you already own the strap.

Program Includes

  • Complete a FREE Wellness Screening and get more insights into how to achieve your fitness goals and maximize your time with your coach throughout the session.
  • 2 Workout sessions per week with a certified trainer
  • Optimal training with an emphasis on building a strong foundation for movement. Exercises improve balance, stability and strength.
  • Individual attention with the support of a small regular group
  • Day-off workout assignments

Session Schedule

  • M/W @ 6am with Jesse

*Choose one session

Register at the Welcome Desk. Spots fill quickly. Questions? Contact Erin or call 802-296-2850 ex 112