Shed and Shred

Shed and Shred

8-Week Small Group Training for Weight Loss, Strength and Conditioning

Ready to make REAL changes in your life? Get the benefits of a personal trainer and the motivating effect of working with a small group! Shed and Shred is an intensive eight week training program for weight loss, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Train with up to six other people and a personal trainer to see huge changes in your overall strength, cardio and nutrition fundamentals.  This program is perfect for people of all fitness levels and abilities. We will work with you from where you are. 

Extremely well run program. The individual care and attention and motivation are TERRIFIC!Mel Laclair Shed & Shred Winner

Upcoming Sessions

  • July 12-September 3
  • September 13-November 5
  • November 15- December 24 **6 WEEK OPTION
  • January 3-February 25, 2022
  • March 7- April 29, 2022 
  • May 9- July 1, 2022
  • July 11-September  2, 2022
  • September 12- November 2, 2022
  • November 14- December 23, 2022 **6 WEEK OPTION

NEW! Rowing 1.0

Small group training using rowing machines to increase cardio health and help with weight loss

Rowing is a low impact, high- intensity activity that when paired with strength training, can accelerate weight loss and help to achieve better fitness levels. Learn high-­intensity workouts that pair rowing with full-body strength and mobility movements. Instead of strapping in for long sessions, we mix short bursts of pulling with familiar strength exercises.

Rowing 1.0 participants will experience:

An hour long session might consist of four minutes of fast-paced rowing followed by 15 medicine-ball slams and 20 push-ups, then another four minutes of sprints on the machine. It’s a dynamic workout that keeps your heart rate high without the punishing impact of other cardio options.

SHED AND SHRED and Rowing 1.0 Pricing

8-week sessions*
$380 members/ $320 if you have a MyZone Strap
$480 non-members (includes membership)/ $420 if you have a MyZone Strap

*MyZone Strap required and is included, $60 discount if you already own the strap.

SHED AND SHRED and Rowing 1.0 Programs Include:

  • INCLUDES MYZONE FITNESS STRAP activity tracker keep records of ALL your workouts with an easy to use app on your smart phone.  It keeps track of your heart rate percentages, calories burned, and MyZone Effort Points (MEPs).  MEPs are used to make your effort normalized based on age and gender.
  • FREE Wellness Screening and get answers to your questions about an appropriate path to fitness to avoid injury during your time in Shed and Shred. Sign up at front desk before start of your program. (allow two weeks before start date)
  • 2 workout sessions a week with trainer
  • Optimal physical training for managing body fat and maintaining healthy body composition
  • Biweekly weigh ins with progress monitoring for: Body fat %, muscle %, water hydration levels, and segmental body composition readings
  • Day-off workout assignments
  • Chance to Win FREE round of Shed and Shred when you are the person with the highest percent body weight lost.

SHED AND SHRED Session Schedule

  • T/Th @ 6am with Erin (8 maximum)
  • T/Th @ 10:30 with Larry
  • T/Th @ 6pm with Alan (4 maximum)
  • W/F @ 5pm with Alan ( 4 maximum)

ROWING 1.0 Session Schedule*

  • TBD

Register at the Welcome Desk. Spots fill quickly. Questions? Contact Erin: or call 802-296-2850 ex 112.



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