Healthy and Fit Lecture Series

2022-23 FREE Lecture Series

Brought to you by BE Fit Physical Therapy and the UVAC Personal Training staff. Lectures @ 7:15pm. Come dressed to exercise. Please RSVP to confirm availability with BE Fit Physical Therapy 802-359-7400 or [email protected]


Wednesday, February 8 @ 7:15pm
Pelvic Floor Health

Learn the causes of incontinence, how to obtain optimal bowel/bladder habits, and exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor with Jenny Armstrong, trainer and yoga instructor, and BE Fit physical therapist Hannah Willcutt.


Wednesday, March 8 @ 7:15pm
Running Pain Free

Learn common training pitfalls, current ideas in running form/alignment, and exercises you can do to reduce running injuries and improve your running form/speed, with BE Fit physical therapists.


Wednesday, April 12 @ 7:15pm
Prouty Prep: How to tackle NH and VT’s largest fundraiser!

Learn what works, and what doesn’t, in preparing for a 20 or 100-mile ride. There are ways to avoid common cycling injuries through specific exercises, training smart, and bike fit tips with UVAC trainers and BE Fit Physical Therapist, Eric Ellingson.

Wednesday May 10 @ 7:15pm
Training for Golf

What does a Golfer need to do to gain strength? What common injuries happen to golfers? Learn about common injuries for golfers, how to avoid these pitfalls, and all sorts of exercises to support you this season from our duo of experts, Sean Fitzgerald (UVAC) and David Barlow (BE Fit).


Wednesday, August 9 @ 7:15pm
Dry Land Training for Swimmers

Learn land-based exercises to complement your swimming workouts. Reduce the risk of common swimming injuries and improve your speed/comfort in the water with Hannah Willcutt from BE Fit.


Wednesday September 13 @ 7:15pm
Total Joint Replacement Prep

Learn about the surgeries and what you can do beforehand to maximize the speed and success of your recovery, with BE Fit physical therapists.

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