Aquatic Classes

Aquatic Classes

September 6-16
We will close the Warm Water Pool, Lazy River, Splash Park and Water  Slide for cleaning and repairs Tuesday, September 6- Friday, September 16. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your  understanding!

UVAC is open for Day Passes with a Reservation: call 802-296-2850 ex 0

Make a Reservation available 2 days before the event date. Find out more about COVID protocols here.

Intermediate= I
Advanced = A


Aqua Conditioning  B,I,A
A low-impact, fun-filled, full body workout for core and total body toning using noodles and resistance in the shallow water.

Aqua Fit  B,I,A
Enhance postural stability, boost cardio conditioning, improve balance, and increase functional strength. Classes will incorporate a variety of formats and equipment to ensure well rounded workouts that are safe and fun!

Aqua Plunge  B,I,A
Low-impact, medium-intensity class for those with muscle or joint issues, pre/post-natal moms and post-op recovery patients. Build cardio and muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility through a body-friendly, shallow-water workout.  Pre-natal moms:  Please bring a release note from your doctor to the first class.

Deep Water Variations  B,I,A
A deep pool, low-impact workout with a high impact on your cardiovascular system. Wear a flotation belt for support in the deep water, or rely on your own ability to float as you perform deep water aerobic routines.

Deep Water Volleyball  B,I,A
A fun full body, deep water workout designed to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness using a safe yet challenging mix of water walking/running and volleyball.


Warm Water Pool, Lots of FREE Classes, FREE Childcare

The Upper Valley Aquatic Center’s specialty is water and we offer a full menu of water classes structured to accommodate all ages and fitness levels taught by nationally certified instructors. We provide equipment for classes, a Warm Water Pool, Competition Pool and a great sound system, so you can hear without difficulty. People LOVE our instructors and you will too. Join the community of Water Aerobics, Abs and Total Conditioning, Deep Water Strength, Deep Water Volleyball.

Essentials with Sue  B,I,A
Come join Sue to learn the art of water tabata. Toning your muscles straightening your alignment, working on your core, balance, and strength, while having FUN!

Fitness H20  B,I,A
A low-impact, low-intensity class in the shallow water, focusing on overall strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility.

Free Senior Friday B,I,A Currently Suspended Due to COVID
Come enjoy whatever aquatic class is offered Fridays at 9-11am for Free Senior Fridays. Check-in ends at 10:30am.

Makin’ Waves B,I,A
A class for adults living with arthritis, in a warm pool, teaching movements to help participants exercise without pain.

Pool Pilates B,I,A
Pilates mat and reformer exercises that have been adapted to water. Learn the moves of Mahi Pilates easier without the fear of falling and less pain due to high range of motion in the water. Proper alignment, core support, and spine mobility are the main focus of the exercises. No prior Pilates knowledge is needed.

Splash HITT  B,I,A
This is a high intensity aqua class with exercises to increase strength and cardiovascular fitness. Being in the water makes all exercises low impact on the joints of the body and while still getting all the benefits as if they were done on land.

S’wet   B,I,A  NEW!
Structured Water Exercise Training program designed to incorporate unique blocks of activity, each with a specific purpose, focused on HIIT, strength and advanced cardio training.

Surf and Turf  B,I,A
This class starts in the warm water pool and then moves to the Group Exercise studio to use weights, bands and other equipment in a circuit style workout. In the pool, classes use natural resistance and buoyancy to provide a wide variety of conditioning and cardiovascular activity.


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