COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Protocols

Reservations are no longer needed in the Fitness Center, Warm Water Pool, and Splash Park. Group Exercise Classes and Lap Lane reservations are still required go here to RESERVE A SPOT at UVAC

Masks are now OPTIONAL

Cleaning of equipment, after use, is mandatory

Sauna is open for three people at a time with a ten-minute limit

LONGER POOL TIME MID-DAY! To allow for more time in the lap pool, we have expanded mid-morning to late-afternoon spots to 45 minutes on most weekdays. Please note that lap lanes reservations are limited to one spot per day regardless of duration, and total time in the facility is limited to 90 minutes

Reservations will be available 2 days before the event date

No Call/No Show Policy for Reservations If a member/guest arrives more than 5 minutes past the start time of their reservation, their reservation will be cancelled and the spot will become available unless the member communicates to the welcome desk that they will be late, and with the approximate time of arrival.